Lehto Live - Live Interviews

Lehto Live - Live Interviews

Lehto Live - Live Interviews
  • Talking Aerial Photography of Michigan w/ Michigan Sky Media - Lehto Live

    Today on Lehto Live, Steve is joined by Tyler Leipprandt, Owner of Michigan Sky Media. He travels around the state of Michigan to showcase some of the beautiful spots through his photography. Tyler and Steve discuss the philosophy behind Aerial photography and talk about the interesting and uniqu...

  • 3 Men To Cross All 5 Great Lakes by Paddleboard - Stand Up for Great Lakes

    Steve talks with Corey Adkins and Jeff Guy, part of the team currently attempting to cross all 5 Great Lakes by Paddleboard. They've completed the crossing of four lakes so far, and plan to take on their fifth and final journey across Lake Ontario this summer! Discussions also on the ecology of t...

  • Preview of the I-500 Snowmobile Race This Saturday in Sault St. Marie

    Ric Federau talks about the I-500 snowmobile race and the safety preparations that ensure the well-being of both racers and spectators. Racers are also professionals that are familiar with the race procedures and the sled machines that costume for race tracks. The ceremony will start at 9 am tom...

  • Checking in at the I-500 International Snowmobile Race in Sault St. Marie

    Steve Lehto talks to Ric Federau about the I-500 Snowmobile race that is hosted annually in Sault Ste. Marie. Ric exhaustively explains the history of the race and how it evolved since the 1960s. He also talks about how the tracks and racers prepare themselves to engage in this 6 to 8-hour race. ...

  • Preview of the 2023 Plymouth Ice Festival

    Steve Talks to his guest James Gietzen about the 41st Plymouth festival. The festival will take place in downtown Plymouth and will be held on February 3rd through Sunday 5th. Visitor’s will have the chance to check the beautiful artistic ice carvings. And explore shops, apparel stores, eateries,...

  • Preview the 2023 Meijer State Games of Michigan - Lehto Live - Jan. 25th

    Join Steve for a daily discussion of Michigan topics! Today on Lehto Live, Steve talks The 2023 State Games of Michigan with Eric Englebarts.

  • The Franklin Fire & Ice Festival: Saturday January 28th - Lehto Live

    Join Steve for a daily discussion of Michigan topics! Today on Lehto Live, Steve talks The Franklin Fire & Ice Festival with Friends of the Franklin Public Library.