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The Michigan Megacast
  • Michigan Works! Association - Michigan Megacast

    The Michigan Works! Association believes the key to advancing prosperity across the state is a skilled workforce. As the state's primary workforce development association, their focus is to continue to move the needle on policy, education, and collaboration. We sit down with Chief Executive Offic...

  • Great Lakes Wealth CEO, Dewey Steffen talks investments - Michigan Megacast

    Gaining an economic advantage can be difficult without the right tools, knowledge, and insight. Luckily, the folks over at Great Lakes Wealth have all of that in spades! We chat with CEO and Chief Investment Officer Dewey Steffen about what he thinks is going on in the industry.

  • Young People Travel Global Edge - Michigan Megacast

    Discussing world issues can be very progressive, but if we only ask these questions in our bubble, our range of learning is greatly reduced. Luckily, Sanya Weston has been helping teens have these discussions with other teens, from Kosovo to El Salvador. She talks with us about what these program...

  • Dave Scott - Say Detroit Groundbreaking - Michigan Megacast

    Dave Scott interviews Marc Rosenthal. "Rosey" from SAY Detroit Play Center to hear about their upcoming groundbreaking ceremony!

  • Live from The Grand Traverse Resort - Michigan Megacast

    2022 Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference is taking place at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, and is allowing attendees to get familiar with the fun and exciting businesses around Traverse City. Caroline Rizzo, Public Relations Manager at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa talks about all the great activitie...

  • The Arc of Oakland County - Michigan Megacast

    The Arc of Oakland County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that advocates for the rights and full participation of all children and adults with intellectual and other related developmental disabilities. They strive to improve systems of supports and services; connect families; inspire our community and ...

  • Grace Centers of Hope - Michigan Megacast

    Saturday, April 23, Rochester will be hosting the "Women Helping Women Luncheon and Fashion Show" at the Royal Park Hotel. Ran by Grace Center of Hopes, the event will raise funds for their women's programs. Women's Program Director Dr. Pam Clark stops by to tell us more!

  • Discussing Spring Festivals with Travel Michigan - Michigan Megacast

    Tulip Time Festival, Butterflies Blooming, and the National Trout Festival. What do all these events have in common? They're happening all around Michigan! Dave Lorenz, Vice President of Pure Michigan talks about all these amazing happening happening near you!

  • Detroit Chempreneurist - Share Detroit Charity - Michigan Megacast

    Working in partnership with local schools, teachers, and community organizations, CHEMpreneurIST provides personal care chemistry and entrepreneurship lessons through a series of workshops. These lessons are aligned with Michigan ELA and Science standards, and incorporate different STEEAM (Scienc...

  • Easter at Canterbury Village - Michigan Megacast

    Canterbury Village Owner, Keith Aldridge previews their upcoming Easter Egg Drop event, as well as other upcoming spring fun for the entire family!

  • Mosaic Artist Michelle Sider - Michigan Megacast

    Michigan-based Mosaic Artist Michelle Sider has created a series of mosaic works that detail the beauty she finds hiding in plain sight. While biking Michigan’s trails, Sider is often moved by the beauty she finds along the way. We take a look inside her mind and wonder how the vision goes from i...

  • JVS and Kadima Talks Summer Job Opportunities - Michigan Megacast

    James Willis, Vice-President of Workforce Development and Rehabilitation at JVS Human Services & Kadima, joins the program to talk about their Summer Jobs Program, which provides advocacy opportunities for people in the community to provide on-the-job support services to high school students with...

  • Dr. Terri Orbuch - "AKA The Love Doctor" - Michigan Megacast

    Children's mind's are difficult to navigate. Sometimes hazardous thoughts and ideas can grow into problematic mentalities if not nurtured correctly. Dr. Terri Orbuch joins the Megacast to walk us through some easy techniques to get your children to discuss their feelings and thoughts on "Love" an...

  • Gift of Life Michigan - SHARE Detroit Charity - Michigan Megacast

    When we pass away, our organs are of no use to us anymore. So, what will we do with them? Many have already signed up to donate their organs when they move on, but what impact does that have? Patrick Wells-O'Brien, VP of Communications and External Relations at Gift of Life Michigan tells us just...

  • Catholic Community Response Team - Michigan Megacast

    Catholic Community Response Team Executive Director Barb Williams talks about the organization’s work providing critical services to those who are struggling with poverty in the Pontiac community

  • University of Michigan Professor Discusses Award for Anti-Oppression Advocacy

    Rev. Dr. Patricia Coleman-Burns, Assistant Professor Emerita in Nursing and Black Studies at the University of Michigan, joins the program to talk about her recent reception of an award from the Oakland County Board of Commissioners for her many years of advocacy work on behalf of those have or a...

  • Hazel Park City Council Member- Luke Londo - Michigan Megacast

    We're joined by Luke Londo from Hazel Park City Council, who talks about the overall view of the legality of psychedelics and psilocybin. When he approached his community to get their thoughts, he expected revere, anger, and fear. What the responses were? Surprising, to say the least.

  • Endocorp - Southield - Michigan Megacast

    Najeeb Haddad drops by the Megacast, as the CEO and President of Endocorp in Southfield, Najeeb oversees the repair of important endoscopy tools. And when you're knee-deep in medical equipment, you get pretty familiar with the innerworkings, which may lead you to want to look more into electronic...

  • Mitzvah Tank Parade - Michigan Megacast

    Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov talks about the parade for passover taking place at Chabad Yeshiva in Oak Park this Saturday, April 6th, at 11 am.

  • Elli's House - - Michigan Megacast

    Elli's House specializes in abolishing sex trafficking, and providing a safe shelter and education for those at risk. Young women are often preyed upon by adults who may want to manipulate and connive youth into doing nefarious acts. Deb tells us about how to work towards an end to selling anothe...

  • Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan - Michigan Megacast

    Melissa Antoncic and the Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan make it a goal that "Whenever a patient is diagnosed with blood cancer, they'll be there". Addressing the financial, emotional, and social needs of battling blood cancer is just a few of things that Melissa discusses with us on the Mega...

  • Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority - Michigan Megacast

    Everyone wants their items not to go to waste; whether you're reusing old paper plates, or refilling old fast food cups. But some mistakes can be made when recycling that really gum up the whole process and make it difficult to properly reapply old plastics and materials for new upcycled products...

  • Bees in the D's New Pollination Center - Michigan Megacast - Mar. 30th

    Bees in the D have been bringing Bees back to our lovely world throughout the pandemic. Finally after lots of planning, Bees in the D is excited to talk about the Michigan Pollinator Center, and how it'll house over 100,000 honeybees.

  • The Lawn Academy - Michigan Megacast

    Eric Miller was inspired to be the change in his community, one lawn at a time. From that moment onward, The Lawn Academy has been offering their services to those who just can't keep up with the upkeep of their lawn. It's the perfect set up for getting teens the money they need and keeping the c...