The Michigan Megacast | MON-FRI | 11AM-12PM

The Michigan Megacast | MON-FRI | 11AM-12PM

The Michigan Megacast | MON-FRI | 11AM-12PM
  • Kids Kicking Cancer - Michigan Megacast

    Studying the arts can bring much calm and Zen to an ailing person's mind. Especially in children, finding some sort of concrete regimen or schedule can help heal many aspects of their health, both mental and physical. Cindy Cohen talks about the great work being done and how a few kicks and punch...

  • Dr. Barry Franklin - Studying Success - Michigan Megacast

    Author of "GPS for Success: Skills, Strategies, and Secrets of Superachievers" and professor with the Department of Internal Medicine at Oakland University stops by to talk about how you can start aiming for success!

  • Detroit Will Breathe - Fighting Police Brutality In Detroit - Michigan Megacast

    Like many cities, its' arm of the law reaches out to, not help those in need, but to keep others in check. Black and brown people are constantly being pestered, picked out, bullied, arrested, shot, killed, and intimidated into acting how these establishments would like them to act. Fortunately, t...

  • Gabe Karp - Detroit Venture Partners - Michigan Megacast

    Conflict isn't evil: Conflict can cause change. Sometimes growth and progression are hidden behind conflict, and its difficult to separate yourself from getting emotionally involved and focus on being constructive. Gabe Karp talks about how you can identify pointless conflict and navigate your wa...

  • DIA - Inside Out Program in West Bloomfield - Michigan Megacast

    Three local communities have been selected to be part of an initiative launched by the Detroit Institute of Arts. The DIA is bringing high-quality reproductions of masterpieces from its collection to outdoor venues throughout metro Detroit via its Inside|Out program, and Farmington, Farmington Hi...

  • West Bloomfield Township - Michigan Megacast

    Jonathan Warshay joined the West Bloomfield Township Board to maintain the beautiful environment, to maneuver towards respect and courtesy in the community, & to lead West Bloomfield Township to a better future.

  • Ann Arbor Art Fair- Serenity Ceramics - Michigan Megacast

    A contributor to the Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair (Which is taking place July 21-July 23 this summer), Jennifer Cherpock has been crafting nifty and creative ceramics all in excitement for the Street Art Fair! We talk about her work and the wonderful Ann Arbor event's impact on her art.

  • This May is Sound The Alarm Month - American Red Cross - Michigan Megacast

    May is "Sound the Alarm" Month! That means that you should be extra attentive to your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm! Make sure their topped off with batteries! To talk about Sound the Alarm month and more is Regional CEO of the Michigan Red Cross Mary Lynn Foster!

  • SHARE Detroit- Glamorous Moms Foundation - Michigan Megacast

    Shannon Lazovski joins the Megacast to talk about this Share Detroit Charity, and their upcoming Glamorous Luncheon on May 21, from 10am-2pm! Hailing from Rochester, Shannon loves to support child advocacy and women's rights, and it shows with her work at the Glamorous Moms Association.

  • 3D Dance Academy - Michigan Megacast

    From a young age, Sharon Freed-Moreland learned that she was born to dance. After diving into a dance class, she realized that there should never be any fear or apprehension when considering dance as the perfect hobby for you. She talks to us about the programs and classes they offer at the 3D Ac...

  • Ann Arbor Original Street Art Fair - Michigan Megacast

    The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization whose mission is to increase public knowledge and appreciation for contemporary fine arts and fine crafts by creating opportunities that connect artists, the Ann Arbor community and the general public to their mutual ...

  • Traverse City Tourism - Michigan Megacast

    Traverse City is one of Michigan's very own gems. With so much to do from Wine tasting to visiting the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, we talk with Mike Kent about what you can do once you start you trip to Traverse City.

  • Walking Lightly Ferndale finds uses for reusable containers - Michigan Megacast

    There are so many products that come in small and helpful plastic/glass containers. But once the product is used up, what do you do with the container? Many throw it in the recycling bin, unaware that perhaps their plastic cup can't be recycled past what is currently is! Or perhaps you have a uni...

  • Detroit Red Wings Beat Writer, Ansar Kahn - Michigan Megacast

    The 2021-2022 Detroit Red Wings Season has come to a conclusion, and with so many highs and lows up to placing 12th in the Eastern Conference, Ansar Khan drops by to breakdown what exactly were the strengths and weaknesses of the Detroit Red Wings.

  • Dave Dulio talks Rep. Party Convention - Michigan Megacast

    Just this past weekend the 2022 Republican Party Convention was held, and after hearing the unofficial nominees for the upcoming political races, Dave Dulio has joined us to discuss his thoughts on their choices.

  • SHARE Detroit Charity- Community & Home Supports Inc. - Michigan Megacast

    Home Supports Inc. committed themselves to the community, and that means being present in all parts of Detroit. They care for the future of the city, and work to reinforce Detroit to be a city everyone can call home. John Stoyka tells more about their endeavors and how they ensure said future.

  • Streetwise Partners - Michigan Megacast

    StreetWise Partners’ goal is to leverage mentorship to increase employment opportunities for adults from overlooked and under-resourced communities within New York, Washington, D.C. and Michigan. CEO Shari Krull drops by to talk about closing the employment gap.

  • Dave Scott - Say Detroit Groundbreaking - Michigan Megacast

    Dave Scott interviews Marc Rosenthal. "Rosey" from SAY Detroit Play Center to hear about their upcoming groundbreaking ceremony!

  • Ronald McDonald House Detroit - Michigan Megacast

    Since becoming the 11th location for Ronald McDonald House Charities in the United States, and opening its doors across from DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan, this charity has put in the work to keep children and families together, healthy, and safe. Chrissy highlights the good work being done...

  • United Way of Southeastern Michigan - Michigan Megacast

    United Way has been doing its part to make sure families have all the resources they need to live healthy and happy lives. With National Volunteer Week wrapping up this Saturday, we talk with Tonya Adair and Angela Beckman about the work being done across Southeastern Michigan.

  • Lighthouse MI - Michigan Megacast

    Pontiac-based nonprofit organization Lightouse MI is teaming up with Amazon to get food to families in need. We talk with President & CEO Ryan Hertz about providing nearly 3000 meals and rapid expansion of Lighthouse MI.

  • Grace Centers of Hope + CAPS Remodeling - Michigan Megacast

    After a successful matching grant campaign in 2021, Grace Centers of Hope (GCH) has announced that CAPS Remodeling in Madison Heights will once again match all donations in May – up to $10,000 – to support the nonprofit’s comprehensive homeless and life skills programs for men, women and children...

  • Michigan Animal Adoption Network - Michigan Megacast

    Michigan Animal Adoption Network's Public Relations Manager and Network Manager Lindsay Warren knows that owning a pet is a rewarding and difficult experience. For some, they'd wish someone would come in and help provide a happy life for their pets, as its hard to juggle your survival as well as ...

  • Brightmoor Artisans Collective - Michigan Megacast

    Brightmoor Artisans Collective is working to create a space where community members can safely and creatively work and learn together to process, market and consume affordable and healthy food using a holistic, wellness-based approach. Courtney L. Todd, Executive Director of Brightmoor Collective...